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The Hampson Scale-Away

ABC Washers - Seals for the connectors on Lay-Z-Spa Airjet pumps ( A B C )

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High-Quality rubber A, B, & C seals from the name you can trust.

We have had these manufactured in the UK to to fit your Lay-Z-Spa Airjet pumps connectors perfectly.

These are not to be confused with some of the lesser quality, 3D printed or two-piece bonded rubbish out there.

These work with all Lay-Z-Spa Airjet pumps, such as Miami, Vegas, Saint Tropez, Paris, Monaco, Palm Springs AirJet, Hawaii AirJet, Siena, St Moritz, Helsinki, Havana, New York, Hollywood, Ibiza, Zurich, Mauritius, Milan, Barbados, Singapore, and Cancun etc) THESE WILL NOT WORK WITH HYDROJET PUMPS