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Inflatable hot tub crushed pipe repair kit - Lay Z Spa E02- Wave Spa - CosySpa E3

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This kit sorts out a common problem with inflatable hot tubs, crushed pipes. The water pipes running from the hot tub to the pump can get crushed where they go through the tub liner. This causes an obstruction and often leads to circulation errors on the pump. E02 on Lay Z Spa pumps, E3 on Wave Spa, CosySpa, and Canadian Spa.

This kit consists of 2 clear rigid pipes that you insert into the water pipe and push with a long object like a spoon handle to the point of obstruction. This then opens up the pipe and allows the flow to return. Even though these are narrower than the original pipes there is no noticeable reduction in flow compared to 2 totally unobstructed pipes. 

The pipes are made from a rigid material that is chlorine/bromine safe and will not collapse like the original manufacturer's pipes.

These have been tested on Lay Z Spa Airjet, Wave Spa type tubs and Canadian Spa with great success. These do not work with Lay Z Spa Hydrojet tubs. 

You will receive 2 pipes in your kit, one for each water pipe.